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BMN Barre is a unique combination of ballet integrated training. Each workout is specifically designed to incorporate balance, coordination, cardio and core. Increasing strength and endurance, improving mind and body awareness, using light props and bodyweight resistance to elongate and create the longer, leaner physique. With defining movements, light props, dynamic exercises, uplifting music and a great tempo, no dance experience is required.

Nicole's classes are taught in two different locations in Stockholm:

InMo Medveten Träning

The Place Stockholm


Tuesday 11.30

Wednesday 12.00

Sunday 10.15

BMN BARRE @The Place

Monday 12.10

Thursday 11.20

Friday 12.10


BMN Trampoline is a great cardio workout to strengthen your core and entire body, while the buoyant feeling of repetitive bouncing will also lift your mood and energy levels at the same time.


Plus, it's a low-impact exercise option that's very easy on the joints - something running can't match. The pumping effect of the muscles accelerates the lympatic system, to stimulate and protect the immune system. Jump on your own personal trampoline while having so much fun to reach your rejeventated high.

Nicole's classes are taught in one location:

The Place Stockholm


Wednesday 18.45

Sunday 12.30


The powerful form of yoga for everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. Movement and breathing techniques, meditation and mantra, to balance the mind, body and soul. An uplifting practice, aiming to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.

Nicole teaches Kundalini in Stockholm:

Altromondo Yoga

Wednesday 17.15

Friday 9.30

KUNDALINI @Altromondo